Our Staff is vaccinated for Covid-19!

If you are interested in having treatment at Park North Physical Therapy, please click here to see what we will require from you and how we are modifying our practice to minimize risk of infection to our patients and staff.


We will be continuing to offer Telehealth PT sessions. Please click here for more info.

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The Potential of a Hybrid Treatment Plan

As we all are learning more about telehealth and how to implement it, we also want to look to the future it holds for us. It opens up the possibilities to how we can take care and maintain our health.

There is a strong potential and future for a hybrid treatment plan. People can be treated through a mix of telehealth sessions and in person sessions. Having this option for a hybrid approach will allow people to still receive the treatment and care they need. For example, someone with younger children who may not be able to leave their house on a consistent basis will still be able to be treated on a regular basis. For people with busy schedules or who travel a lot (when we can travel again), it opens up more opportunities for people to fit in that time to focus on themselves and their bodies, as people can now do a virtual session which can double as a check in to ensure that all is going well and if there is any exercise or stretch that they can add or change to their daily routine. As New Yorkers, we know that things come up last minute, whether it’s a sudden work call, a family emergency, or a subway delay. Having the telehealth option available can help someone avoid missing an appointment that they need, and then, if someone needed hands on approach and guidance, they could still come in the clinic when they are able to. Being able to alternate between in person and telehealth sessions provides people with flexibility in their care to continue maintaining and even improving their physical health, preventing people from falling behind and having to address issues when it’s too late. We always want to be proactive when it comes to our health. This hybrid approach will help us even more to do so, and it is for us to take advantage of.